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Specialization in generating discovery calls & clients.

We use our proven direct outreach strategies via LinkedIn, to get qualified appointments & clients booked for you 24/7. You just focus on serving them.

We connect, message, and follow up with your prospects.
Our consulting service includes free marketing audits.
Get inbound “strategy” / “discovery” calls booked on autopilot.

Get Booked Solid

Let our world-class copywriting experts fill your calendar with calls & clients while you focus on your 'high-value' activities. Become the 'go-to' expert in your industry, while delegating the 'busy' work like a real entrepreneur. A pilot doesn't waste time selling plane tickets.

Land Big Clients

If you're selling a high-ticket coaching program or service, generating 3-5 calls per week (solid campaign) typically turns into an additional $10,000 - $40,000 in monthly revenue.

Save 30+ hours

AppointmentFlooder saves 30+ hours per month of your time. If your time is worth $100/hour, that's $3000 per month saved. On top of that we bring you pre-sold leads in a safe & secure manner that runs ZERO risk of getting banned (unlike Chrome extensions out there).

Tracked Results

Enjoy the confidence & clarity you get from seeing weekly reports, showing you exactly how many new leads and clients we've generated for you this week. No more guesswork.








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Book discovery calls with laser targeted prospects

Our service is trusted by consultants, coaches, speakers, agency owners, and others experts who sell high-ticket programs, products, workshops and services. If you sell via the phone & you want to fill your calendar with a predictable stream of new leads (done-for-you), request access to our LinkedIn service below.

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Our ClientCore agency is trusted by established experts, including:

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  • Scale your income predictability via profitable done-for-you ads
  • Be UNIQUELY positioned as the "go-to" expert in your market
  • Simplify your fulfillment process so you can enjoy more freedom & make more money
  • Save 20+ hours per week by outsourcing boring & tedious tasks to us

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3. Are now ready to implement systems & online advertising to scale.

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